Boyfriend Goes Green: Here are 5 ways he chooses to reduce his waste.

By now, many of you know how important it is to practice sustainability in order to reduce the damage we’re causing to our planet. I annoyingly preach about easy ways we can practice reducing our waste and minimizing our footprint. Instead of sharing some of the most common eco tips I’ve incorporated in my daily routine, I want to share how my boyfriend, who isn’t an “eco-nut” (his words), chooses five ways to reduce his waste at home.

My boyfriend is not someone who suffers from eco-anxiety. He does not spend hours reading articles and watching videos on the damage humans have caused on our planet and how we can make changes to help slow down our environmental impact. Yet, in the past few months of living together I have seen him make small, conscious changes that help minimize his consumption and become familiar with sustainability.

I asked him to give me 5 sustainable changes he’s made at home and this is what he said:

  1. USING LESS WATER. He doesn’t let the water run and shuts it off in between uses; like when he brushes his teeth, washes dishes, or cooks. He seldom hand washes dishes or pre-rinses before loading up the dishwasher. He also doesn’t flush the toilet every time he goes #1. If it’s yellow, let it mellow, baby. 😌
  2. DITCHING THE TOILET PAPER. Okay, this is one I’m so proud of him for. He purchased a bidet for each bathroom in the home. This minimizes the need for toilet paper! I’m still super intimidated by it and don’t use it. This is where he does a better job than me. 😅
  3. USING LESS NAPKINS AND PAPER TOWELS. We recently bought reusable paper towels and have yet to try them because we haven’t run out of our current paper towels. We got in the habit of ripping our paper towels into small squares and using just enough for what we need. We no longer use a whole square for one use. One roll will last us more than a month! 😮
  4. NOT HAVING THE A/C RUN ALL DAY. I am not exaggerating when I say this guy used to run his A/C literally 24 hours a day! When I first met him and I would come over his place, I had to remember to layer up. It was always so cold! (Tip: guys, if you’re trying to get lucky with a lady, turn up the heat, or she won’t want to undress, I promise. 😆) So when we moved in together, I knew this was going to be a challenge for us as I run cold and love my home to be nice and cozy. Surprisingly, we accommodated and met somewhere in the middle. We have two doors in the living room, so if it gets toasty, we open the doors and let the breeze come in. Now, we’ll see what happens when summer weather comes around 😅
  5. INVESTING IN RENEWABLE ENERGY. He created an account with a company called Arcadia Power. This is a company that gives consumers the ability to support clean, renewable energy sources — such as those provided by solar panels and wind farms. He basically connects his utility bill to his account and they match the energy he uses to invest in clean, renewable energy! 😍 This one is definitely my favorite because he has been doing this way before I started nagging him about sustainability.

Practicing sustainability at home doesn’t have to be hard. We can do it in small ways! The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is by simply reducing your consumption. There’s much more you can do than just recycle. Be conscious of the things you do and how it affects our environment. We need to conserve our resources where we can so that generations to come can also enjoy the beauty of this marvelous planet. ❤

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